The Brand - Supporters

Destination Milton Keynes would like to thank Milton Keynes Council, Milton Keynes Partnership and the many other community and business leaders in the Borough involved in creating this city brand for their help and support.
The idea of creating a new city brand started with meetings of a Stakeholder Group attended by representatives of Milton Keynes organisations from the public, private and community sectors.   Various concepts were explored by the group which Destination MK and Milton Keynes Council later refined and researched (including research with residents, local employees and visitors) to determine exactly what makes MK unique and special, and how a brand toolkit would work.

We all love and are very proud of Milton Keynes, and are pleased to be working in partnership on this project.

The new City Brand was officially launched on 27 May 2010 - to download a copy of the full presentation given at the launch - CLICK HERE