Why I Love MK text entries

Below are all of the text entries for the Why I Love MK competition:


"The shopping centre reigns supreme There's so much there - know what I mean The Hub is great as a meeting place With loads of choice to fill your face The Theatre end is choc a bloc With lots and lots and lots and lots. The snowdome, seen from miles around Is definitely Milton Keynes' crown. So much to do, no traffic queues That's why, MK, I so love you."

Submitted by Wendy Barbe
"Very simple, Milton Keynes has everything you need, why go elsewhere?"

Submitted by ANDREW SALES
"I am only a visitor to Milton Keynes as I had friends who lived there. The things I remember about it are: lots of roundabouts to ease traffic flow for motorists and calm it down for pedestrians; wide well-maintained roads which were easy on vehicles and felt safer and not claustrophobic and congested; cleanliness all around; friendly people and a great community spirit; easy transport links to London - two of my friends commuted happily to the capital each day; beautiful modern houses. My friend took me to see one of the earliest eco friendly houses ever built in this country and I was just staggared by the ingenuity of it. A toast to Milton Keynes, a truly well-established 'new town'!"

Submitted by SYBIL KING
"Milton Keynes has always held a special place in my heart as this where the mighty Wimbledon Football Club relocated to before the days of MK Dons. The roar of the crowd at the National Hockey Stadium, a stone's throw away from the train station melts my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Submitted by PAUL MARSHALL
" Surrounded by great shops, bars and nightlife - 24/7.... Oh! I think I've died and gone to heaven !"

Submitted by Howard Law
"'Since 1967 - it's been shoppers heaven !'"

Submitted by Ann Law
"The number one thing I love to do is to visit the places where Superman flew and I love the grid roads, 'h' & 'v' For once I can't get lost - yippee! After praying hard that the Dons will score a goal I like to drop into the national bowl The variety of shops is hard to beat and I can't resist cows made from concrete I love Bletchley too, such history with codes and ciphers and mystery I'm always left with a smile on my face because Milton Keynes is my kind of place "

Submitted by susan willshee
"I love MK - having only had a glimpse of it, thats a big statement I know!!!! Travelled through on the coach on the way to London and would love to see more of the beautiful sprawling city, to spend time looking around the attractions, maybe even take in a football match at stadium:mk or see the animals at nearby Woburn or enjoy a few hours finding "the big kid inside" at Gullivers"

Submitted by Donna Sales

Submitted by Belinda Logan
"I love that 30 minutes by car from my home and I can be in a cosmopolitan City which has style, attitude and finesse where I can party all night & shop all day. A place to work rest and play, a lifestyle choice. MK The City That Never Grows Old"

Submitted by El Smith
"Fantastic city how can you not fall in love with it with its convenience and choice!"

Submitted by Sara Mills
"I love milton keynes as i have very fond memories from growing up. Im from manchester. my family live in milton keynes. every summer, we used to spend 3 weeks down there. When i think of the time of me growing up, this is one place that sticks in my mind. It is a very special place for me and a place i am very fond of. I have spent many days in the shopping centre, walking around the town,and sitting in one of the parks. It is somewhere i woould like to go back to and relive my younger days "

Submitted by jennie jackson
"Vibrant city with lots to do."

Submitted by susan younger
"My mum and me love a trip to Mk. We always do the same things, and have a great day out. We usually arrive at the shopping centre about 10am and go straight to John Lewis for a lovely coffee. Then we have a look around the shops, there are so many nice shops to choose from, and lunch is at wagamama or Giraffe mmmmm. then off to Ikea, with a welcoming cup of tea, free because we have a family card. After a couple of hours at Ikea we go across the car park to Asda. We have a light dinner in the lovely asda cafe and then a look around, it's a really large store and lots to choose from. Then off home and put away all the goodies we bought. A great day out. "

Submitted by Lynn Savage
"I love Milton Keynes for many reasons but firstly the shopping is amazing! I have been shopping here for years even though I travel all the way from Redditch where I live to do so! There are cool places to eat and have a drink. And lastly the people are always so friendly. I couldnt think of anywhere better to win a weekend away to :-)"

Submitted by amy collinson

Submitted by ellen potter
"We have family in milton keynes and no matter when we go there is always something for everyone of us to do, we really enjoy our time with our family and friends."

Submitted by sharon hawthorn
"I love MIlton Keynes especially the shopping, theatre and Willen Lake."

Submitted by Maggie Dring
"MK gives total choice gives total pleasure, children fun and parents leisure. and Should English weather cause despair, your always guaranteed enjoyment there."

Submitted by Jennifer Harris
"I had never visited MK before. We were due to visit friends there for the 1st time. Would you believe it - the sat nav conked out on the way. I had stupidly forgotten my mobile, so we were going to rely on the goodwill of the natives! We could not have had a more pleasant & helpful experience. The lady I asked didn't know the address, so she invited us in to her home and made us a cup of tea while we phoned our friends. They turned up 20 mins later and we all had a very jolly conversation before continuing our journey. Who says hospitality & helpfulness is dead? Not I!"

Submitted by Roger Davies
"I love MK because it has so much to offer. Whether you are a toddler,young adult or well established! It will always mean a lot to me because of all the areas it has helped my husband's family. Willen Hospice is one of the most generous and welcoming places, and the hospital has seen both of my beautiful nephews brought into the world. The shopping centre caters shopping needs better than London, you can dine in a restaurant to taste any cuisine of the world and activities galore - walks, climbing, bowling, cinema...you name it, and it'll more than likely have it. So that's why I love MK. It's not the world that is your oyster, it's MK :-)"

Submitted by Alison Parker
"love it great ice hockey team and lovely people"

Submitted by Julie Grace
"I love Milton Keynes because as well as being a vibrant young city it also retains a lot of it's history. You can still go out and find Roman/Saxon artifacts today. That's not to mention all the world war II history and the important role of Bletchley Park. Today Milton Keynes has a multicultural population which introduces innovation and different ways of thinking. Whilst being a vibrant city with plenty going on I love the fact that even though I live in the centre of MK I can still easily catch some piece and quiet when I need it! What I love most of all is that we have heart Radio which helps me wake up every morning with a smile on my face :) "

Submitted by Kiran Randhawa
"First time I was in MK, it was for the wedding of a good friend, the second time I met Matt Le Blanc (of Friends fame) at the Hilton in MK!"

Submitted by Bernadette Headd-Williams
"I was born in Milton keynes, and moved away when i was six weeks old.... My family then moved back when i was five and i have lived here ever since. Milton Keynes has everything you could hope for, and i feel spoiled and priviledged to say i live here."

Submitted by Danni Mckeirnan
"We love MK because it strives to succeed with everything that grows here..."

Submitted by Toni Shepherd
"I LOVE MK! We moved up in 1985 and each year has got better and better. All four of our children were born here and absolutely love the exciting and fun things to do in the city; imagine you can ski here. That's just one of a host of choices...swimming, skating, and bowling; from cinema to theatre, pubs to clubs, and parks galore to explore. It's clean, safe and most of all it's home!"

Submitted by Sandra Lothian
"The city has so much variety such as shopping, skiing, bowling,places to eat. The city is aimed at all ages you can find everything you want their. great for seeing family and friends and meeting new people MK isn't just for day time the night time is just as good. :) "

Submitted by Grace Kelly
"why i love milton keynes city centre, it is one off the best nightlife to go clubbling in and loads to do in the day. especial no we have the hub and excape which is a fab place to go.the hub is really nice to go for a meal with family or friends and even for afew drinks before you hit the good old groove night club."

Submitted by vikki alesworth
"i love mk cause it is a clean city great for all ages and lots to do( wake boarding, snow boarding, and lots of places to walk with the open and fresh country side), but most of all we have the best radio station with great dj's."

Submitted by tracy wheeler
"I love Milton Keynes as coming from a rural Suffolk village - it is amazing the variety and closeness of all the different activities you can do. On our Holiday, we did everythibng form ski-ing to freefalling. Even the road system seems so sensible - I just miss the concrete cows."

Submitted by Phil Darling
"I love MK very much - my friend and I travel up from West Sussex two or three times a year for a day or weekend treat. We shop and drink coffee till our slot on the snow slope. Then we have a meal and a drink out (Nandos is a particular favourite). We either stay at a hotel and shop some more the next day or if its just a day out, we drive back home feeling fully refreshed, girly bonding complete and looking forward to our next escape from menfolk and kids!!!! Milton Keynes - Michelle and I love you. x"

Submitted by NIcola Mayell
"I love MK because there is always something to do no matter what your age or abaility, or whatever the weather is like. It is all really easily accessible too. "

Submitted by pauline stevenson
"I lovemk for a few reasons 1. I used to live there and remember how small it used to be and how quickly it is expanding, the last reason is you cant get lost it is impossible due to the excellent grid system mk has. "

Submitted by kevin walker
"i love it for the balloon race! is amazing!"

Submitted by Marco Bernardi
"As a football fan, I travel to a lot of different cities, and MK Dons was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had the pleasure of becoming involved within. From the easy thirty minute walk from the train station to the football ground, to the pubs and accommodating patrons we met on our quick sole-searching journey to the ground, only one club so far in my eight years as a travelling football fan has come anywhere as close to the accommodating personalities of Milton Keynes and that is Wrexham."

Submitted by Jordan Winter
"I love MK because you can see 12th Century Churches, Beautiful Countryside, Fantastic Modern Architecture, and Fabulous Landscaping all in a single view... its an amazing place to live. "

Submitted by Tracey Shenton