The Brand - Introduction

When Milton Keynes was created in 1967, few could have imagined that the hundreds of thousands of people who now live and work in this amazing place would come to love it so much. As we continue to grow and develop, many businesses and organisations want to encourage potential residents, workers and visitors to discover for themselves what MK has to offer.

Destination Milton Keynes (DMK), whose role is to promote and develop Milton Keynes as a key destination for business and leisure, is often asked for common language and images to describe what makes Milton Keynes special.

Think about how Liverpool, Glasgow and other successful large cities have a consistent ‘voice’. As MK grows and competes on the world’s stage, we will sing louder and more clearly when we’re all following the same tune. This brand website will help us all promote Milton Keynes’ distinct and appealing offer in unison, which is great news for MK and for anyone promoting their organisation.

Of course everyone has a very personal view about the city and what it means to them, the trick is to share a consistent, positive vision of MK that everyone understands. In creating the city brand, DMK interviewed many people who live in, work in and visit Milton Keynes to define what makes our home so special. This research helped to define who we are – MK’s brand personality. We are:

  • Surprising
  • Optimistic
  • Welcoming
  • Vibrant
  • Ambitious

It also defined the values we stand for:

  • Purpose
  • Variety
  • Invention
  • Design
  • Ease

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